The Complete Guide to Buying the Perfect Gaming Keyboard

A quality gaming keyboard is a piece of equipment that is frequently neglected, despite the fact that this should not be the case. Finding a mechanical keyboard that is tailored to your playing style and preferences can significantly improve not only the level of comfort you experience while playing but also the quality of your overall performance. However, there are a large number of keyboards and manufacturers on the market today, which is why we have been analyzing our data to determine which brands and models are preferred by industry experts so that we can better assist you in selecting a product that meets your needs.
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As an added bonus, we have also included five of our own carefully selected picks

1.  This is done so that almost everyone can find a board for themselves in this article, regardless of their budget or the particular tastes they have

2.  As is our custom, we will begin this article with some information about keyboards; however, if you are familiar with this topic, you can skip this section and go straight to the lists

3.  The Advantages of Using a Mechanical KeyboardWhen it comes to gaming, the experts (and we) agree that you should use a mechanical keyboard

4.  When we look at the data we have collected from professionals, we find that almost everyone uses a mechanical keyboard

5.  That not only communicates a great deal but also makes perfect sense

6.  When compared to a regular rubber dome keyboard, which is what the vast majority of consumer-grade keyboards are, each key on a mechanical plank houses a complete switch underneath it with its own housing, spring, and other components

7.  This cannot be said of a regular membrane board

8.  The advantages of a mechanical board over a regular membrane board really can't be denied

9.  In comparison to a rubber dome board, which employs a sheet of rubber that is laid out over the circuitry of the keyboard and has a little dome underneath each key, this provides you with a feeling that is significantly more crisp and precise when you are typing or gaming

This causes the top of the dome, which is coated with a conductive material on the inside, to make contact with the circuitry to register a key press; however, this entire process can feel mushy, imprecise, and unsatisfying. The gif on the right is an illustration of how a mechanical switch works (source: HyperX). The wonderful thing about this, which is also one of its many significant advantages, is that there is a wide selection of switches available to pick from, all of which have their very own individual qualities and sensations. If you are interested in learning more about the differences between those switches, you can always go read up on that. So now that we have established that a mechanical keyboard will provide you with a much more precise and responsive user experience along with a large number of options to fine-tune said experience, the benefits do not stop there. Additionally, mechanical keyboards have a much longer lifespan.

Cherry MX switches, which are the most popular mechanical switches, have a rating of approximately 50 million keystrokes, while the majority of other brands go even higher than that. The majority of regular consumer boards have a rating of anywhere between 1 and 5 million keystrokes. You should expect a mechanical keyboard to outlast many rubber dome keyboards, despite the fact that purchasing a mechanical keyboard initially requires making a significant financial commitment. In addition, mechanical boards come in a wide range of sizes and layouts from which you can choose. As you'll see further on in the article, the TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard is a very common size for keyboards these days. Because the majority of video games do not make use of the numeric keypad, you can safely disable it in the interest of conserving space. This will free up more room for you to move your mouse around on your desk. You also have the option of going even smaller if you do not require or desire the arrow keys. It is also possible for it to work in the opposite direction; for example, if you have a large desk and you want to purchase a full-featured keyboard that includes a comfortable wrist rest, additional multimedia keys, macro buttons, and so on, you can do so.

There is going to be a mechanical keyboard out there that fits you like a glove. The possibilities are nearly endless, so no matter what your individual needs and preferences are, there is going to be a mechanical keyboard out there that fits you like a glove. To summarize, if you're asking us, you should go with a mechanical keyboard. It is possible that initially it will be a bit of an investment, but if you take care of it, it will last you for years and years to come while providing you with a comfortable, pleasant, and precise experience when typing or gaming.