K10 Ultra-Slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

  • Brand :


  • Product name :


  • Product gross weight :


  • Shaft type :

    tea shaft

  • Type :

    mechanical keyboard

  • Number of keys :

    >98 keys

  • Numeric keypad :

    with numeric keypad

  • color :


  • Connection method :

    Bluetooth, wireless

  • Backlight effect :

    single light

Amazon Price: $77.99 USD

Product details

If the thickness of the button with elastic belt is 20 mm, if the base itself is only 9 mm in principle, then it is almost 20 mm. If the height of the base is 24 mm, you can’t adjust the tilt angle immediately, that is, if you want to be higher, if you want to be lower, you can’t, especially it doesn’t sound like my former mechanic, and it’s harder than candles. I chose this business, and I will test the Russian alphabet. No, I don’t need it. Maybe I will take it on vacation, but this is unlikely, because, of course, in general, Turn off the mechanical switch. If you see the overview, then I like it.

Now we look like a very good old ultra short one. In fact, its shell is completely made of Smith alla. To be exact, it is made of aluminum alloy. It has not been scratched during the whole use process.

But as you remember from the time of unpacking, there is a specially careful user’s carrying bag. You can connect the keyboard to any device, Whether it is an android phone or a tablet computer on the operating system, of course, the letters and keyboard cameras can also be connected to the hospital through Bluetooth. By the way, this is not the last but a very good version of Bluetooth 5. 0, like a whistle or a local device, or you can use a Bluetooth whistle with a USB connector to connect to the computer. When you press a key, by switching a single mechanical switch on the keyboard, the connection will occur, and the backlight will be activated again. You can disable it, but more importantly, this is not an art treasure.

It is usually simple white. I am not bothered by the backlight. Of course, you can use the hot key to disable it. The key is plastic. There are three simple triggers, blue red brown, none of which will not be branded when pressed, Their differences are as smooth and soft as rosary beads. I can’t compare them because I bought a keyboard.