LOFREE 1% Transparent Mechanical Keyboard

  • Product name :


  • Brand :

    LOFREE/ Luofei

  • Model :


  • Connection method :

    USB Bluetooth wireless 2.4G

  • Color classification :

    1% transparent mechanical keyboard

  • Whether wireless :


  • Whether there are multimedia function keys :


  • With or without hand rest :


  • Whether mechanical keyboard :

    mechanical keyboard

  • Shaft body :

    jellyfish shaft

Amazon Price: 219.20

Product details

Students who are familiar with Lofree should know that its keyboard and mouse, speakers, and lamps have similar temperament, and strive to make the 2m desktop beautiful, with outstanding taste and attractive appearance. Luofei’s 1% transparent keyboard takes the same route.

The same 68 keys, Lofree almost completely reset, from the main body, key shafts to key caps, all transparent, with white backlight and 7 lighting effect modes, dual-mode wireless regular desktop, swept away the mediocrity and seriousness, let PC and Mac double kitchen ecstasy.

As a practical party, I will not reject a mediocre and durable keyboard, but I also can’t help casting longing eyes on this top-end appearance. Life is too difficult, how can you stick to the rules? Follow your own wishes, we don’t ask for much, just for the passionate collision that is close at hand.

To Be The 1% means excellence or ingenuity. Everyone is eager to occasionally find a moment of difference in a stable life. Luo Fei said that this 1% will be penetrated by light and occupy your desktop.


No comparison, no rating, you can trust your perception. The light goes straight into the transparent keycap, turns back and forth in the medium of the transparent key shaft and the transparent body, and finally projects the texture and glare to my eyes.


The keycap is made of high-quality PC shell, which is highly transparent and crystal clear as ice. The keycap font is fine and elegant, using pad printing + UV technology. In addition to the black main characters, there are also blue and orange sub-characters. For example, the logos of F1~F12 are blue, and the function indicator icons of Fn are orange.

key shaft

Under the exquisitely crafted transparent keycap is the same high-transparency jellyfish switch body, which comes from Kaihua MX structure, taking into account the transparent appearance and good feel. Weak, the percussion sound is slightly soft, and the pressing force is moderate. The measured code words are not easy to touch by mistake, which is just right for me who likes red switches.

Bottom case

Turning over is also amazing, the bottom of the high-gloss plating is also outstanding, the Lofree LOGO in the center is simple and direct, and the layout of the four-corner pads is neat.