Melgeek Mojo68 Plastic See-through, Custom&Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

  • Brand :


  • Model :


  • Material :

    ABS plastic

  • Connection method :

    Bluetooth Type-C wireless 2.4G

  • Color classification :


  • Whether wireless :


  • Number of keys :

    68 keys

  • Whether mechanical keyboard :

    mechanical keyboard

  • Gross weight :


Amazon Price: $199.00

Product details

First of all, in terms of packaging, MelGeek Mojo68 has a sense of design. The front is a close-up of the keyboard, and the back is the keyboard parameters, which is convenient for users to have an intuitive understanding of the product in terms of appearance.

The size of the PLASTIC product is 327x123x40mm. The Gaske anti-collision structure design effectively eliminates the structural hard collision caused by knocking. The 68-key layout saves space and is easy to carry. It supports Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and Linux systems. The shell is made of PC material, and the PBT keycap + sublimation process can effectively prevent the keycap from oiling. Compared with the original keycap, the area of the finger pad is 12% larger, slightly grainy, and the typing feel is very comfortable. At the same time, the back of the keycap is designed with multiple ribs, which can also effectively improve the overall lifespan. In addition, it has a built-in 16 million color RGB backlight, and the user can set rich lighting effects with the driver, which looks very elegant, and it will not feel inconsistent when used with a laptop/desktop computer.

As a three-mode keyboard, MOJO68 PLASTIC supports USB-C, Bluetooth 5.2, and 2.4G connections. With a 4000mAh lithium battery, it can stand by for 90 days after 8 hours of daily use, basically saying goodbye to battery life anxiety. At the same time, it also supports full-key customization and full-key no punching, which is suitable for office and games.

Most of the 68-key keyboards currently on the market do not have an F zone, but MOJO68 PLASTIC is equipped with a setting software to solve it, which is very practical and greatly increases the utilization rate of the keys. Different users can set different shortcut keys to improve productivity, and gamers can also set shortcut keys to avoid tedious operations, making it easier to win with one key.

The enhanced structural design has built-in PORON sound-absorbing cotton, which can eliminate the cavity sound and noise during tapping, making the sound of the keycap clearer. The net weight of 850 grams and the bottom non-slip rubber pad will not slip when used on a smooth desktop, reducing Typing resonance.

In terms of keycaps, MOJO68 PLASTIC uses Jiadalong linear silver switches (G Silver PRO), which support full-key hot-swapping. Players can choose other brands of switches to obtain different hand-feeling experiences later. G Silver PRO adopts the traditional MX shaft structure, and the shaft uses a dust-proof shaft with side walls, which can bring a more stable pressing feel. After the single-stage spring is lubricated by the machine, it makes the pressing feel smoother and effectively reduces the sound.