MOMOKA Peripherals Original Fairy Forest Mechanical Keyboard Keycap

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  • Model :


  • Connection method :

    USB Type-C

  • Whether wireless :


  • Color classification :

    Small full set of 158 keys

  • Whether mechanical keyboard :


  • Number of keys :

    104 keys

  • Gross weight :


  • Shaft :


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Product details

Designer: “The background of the story takes place in the forests of West Asia. The design uses two shades of green as the main body, and champagne yellow as the opposite color. Our protagonist, lynx, walks in the deep forest, and there are destroyers hidden on the edge of the territory – logging, urban expansion, Hunting. The root is orange, and the strong warm color is interspersed with green, like the warm sun penetrating the darkness and bringing dawn.”

The color selection of this set of keycaps is very eye-catching, it is a cool greenish green. Supplemented with darker dark green to set off the light color, dark gray and white are embellished, and the orange like a construction site helmet is the finishing touch, making the originally monotonous character area brighter, like a spot in a thousand leaves Red, not overwhelming but impressive.

Because the Silence series not only represents the silence of sound, but also the silence of life after nature is destroyed. Personality serves the design theme, so a lot of real products of human destruction of the environment are incorporated into the personality design: bulldozers, animal traps, chainsaws, trampling. In the animal part, it is the protagonist lynx and its dead skull, as well as the front portrait. It can be said that this is a very meaningful keycap design.