Phanteks (PH-ES121XT_DBK01) Evolv Shift XT, extendable Small Form-Factor Chassis

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  • Motherboard Compatability :

    Mini ITX

  • Color :


  • Material :


  • Cooling Method :

    Water, Air

  • Series :

    Evolv Shift XT

Amazon Price: $163.5

Product details

  • Super compact small form-factor chassis that can be extended to tailor the cooling performance to your needs with 2x 120/140mm fans and/or a 240 AIO liquid cooler support.
  • No compromise on performance with support for large 3-slot 324mm GPU’s and built in PCI-e x16 Gen4 Riser Cable.
  • Premium build quality known from the Phanteks Evolv series using 2.5mm thick anodized aluminum panels.
  • Integrated D-RGB Infinity mirror with built-in lighting effects that can be expanded and/or synced with other system components.
  • Well-thought-out component layout and removable radiator bracket to provide a smooth building process in a small form-factor.


The chassis’s top cover may be raised to three different heights to accommodate the installation of radiators of varying specifications.

The chassis volume in the default mode is approximately 13.5L, which is better suitable for air-cooled installation. The radiator should be a down-pressure air-cooled radiator that supports the installation of a 72MM-tall air-cooled radiator;

In the second mode, the top cover of the chassis is 30 mm taller and the volume is approximately 15.6L. Depending on the manner of air conditioning, two 120MM fans can be mounted on top;

The third option is when the height of the top cover is increased to 60 mm and the volume is increased to approximately 17.4 liters. This option supports the installation of integrated water cooling for 240 devices.

This case’s top cover may be interchanged to produce variable heat dissipation scales, which is just one of its qualities.

The luxury substance of the chassis keeps to the brand’s consistent aesthetic. The exterior box is constructed from a 2.5 mm thick, one-piece aluminum plate. The surface is anodised, and the obvious thickness imparts a sense of solidity.

The chassis utilizes a complete opening design, and the air vents are outfitted with high-density metal dust nets, which significantly improves the chassis’ heat dissipation function.

The chassis is designed with an A4 structure, the graphics card and motherboard are placed back-to-back, and the graphics card compartment has a width of 62 mm, which is compatible with the current popular three-slot graphics cards. Additionally, the power AC interface is located at the bottom of the chassis, which is ideal for desktop layout.

The design of the chassis’s front panel is creative and concealed. Due to the fact that the top cover of the chassis must accommodate the three-stage height adjustment, the top cover portion of the front face is designed to be magnetically fixed and is protected by anti-scratch tape. As a novel lighting effect feature of the wind chaser, the face’s endless prism is not only extensively employed in its water-cooled radiator cold head, but also applied to this case, and the space is large enough for players to do their own installation. Foreshadowed.

The design of the front face’s lower cover is similarly not basic. The lower cover can be raised and lowered. The chassis’s front IO interface is ingeniously concealed here. When in use, the interface is revealed by sliding upward. Sliding the cover down while not in use also serves as a dustproof measure. Additionally, the front face is more unified. The IO interface provides a TYPE-C, a simple and practical USB3.0, and a button to regulate the lighting effect through the chassis; the trapezoidal power-on button is the finishing touch, resembling the Iron Man mask’s little chin.

Examine the skeleton portion of the chassis. The PCI extension cable is an integral component of the A4 chassis’s structure. The Wind Chaser offers a PCI4.0 extension cable with accurate length, high-quality construction, and an exorbitant price tag for chassis. This merits appreciation. The section of the power supply compartment must also be highlighted. In contrast to normal A4 case designs, the power cord interface is oriented upward. This adjustment may appear minor, but you will encounter it during the installation procedure. It is incredibly wiring-friendly. First, the length of the graphics card’s and motherboard’s power supply cables is reduced. The redundant cables are secondly easier to organize. After the power supply has been fitted, there is plenty room on the skeleton’s divider to conceal the cables. In addition, a Velcro is supplied for cable management, and the details are present.