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    Electrophoresis yellow kit

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    mechanical keyboard

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Amazon Price: $999

Product details

The packaging is perfect, and the shell of the plastic film has octagonal anti-collision. In addition to the configuration of double positioning boards and double sandwich cotton mentioned before the group purchase, the under-shaft pad is also provided as a bonus. Compared with the previous gray products, the mold opening is more accurate. And the materials used are better than those sold separately on the market.

The pcb has also been slotted and adjusted, and it is very soft when assembled on the well-supported fr4 positioning board.

Compared with the various linear axes on the market, the paragraph tea shaft is much more difficult to handle, because if the lubrication is not good, the paragraph feeling will disappear, if it is not moist, there will be a shrapnel spring sound. The last solution I chose for running the shaft is spring 105, 1:1 105 205 run the guide rail and the upper cover hit, the shrapnel is behind, and the shaft center is not processed. Although there is no shrapnel and spring noise, there are still some salsa sounds. In order to retain the small feel of the tea shaft, this is also a compromise choice. In fact, in the actual use process, this salsa sound is not very audible. arrived. And the characteristics of the hg axis will also reduce the noise after a period of use.

The chamfered wiring on the side and back of the Apollo is very delicate and has a sense of technology. With the well-proportioned ambient light, I think it has improved a lot compared to the previous sp65. The pvd copper on the back reflects different colors under different light and is very textured. I saw it once when I installed jelly and it was amazing. I didn’t expect that sp80 was also used this time. It’s really fragrant. The blue anode on the surface is also very delicate, and the color of the surface is different under different light, so I tried to use less filters for this shooting, basically the color straight out of the camera. Let me give you a reference.

I have bought their products and know that Porter has an almost abnormal qc. When I opened the box, I was very relieved. Basically, I didn’t check it. I watched it while grouping, and the result was that I couldn’t find any flaws.